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Inclusion and diversity at Jigsaw24

Our commitment to improving equality in the tech industry

Inclusion and diversity at Jigsaw24

Our commitment to improving equality in the tech industry

Work together, succeed together

At Jigsaw24, we believe in promoting equal opportunities within our business. We’re on a journey to make big changes to how we approach diversity and equality, and we aim to lead by example in the tech sector by promoting and supporting everyone across our teams to realise their potential.

We want to empower every person to achieve their ambitions, and this means pursuing greater equality and diversity at every level of our business. Role models are important for everyone, because we believe that you can’t be what you can’t see.

Breaking down walls one brick at a time


Actively working with recruiters to ensure the pool of applicants for jobs represents a diverse range of genders and ethnic backgrounds.

Women in leadership

Taking part in the Women in Leadership Programme at Nottingham Trent University to help tackle the issues facing women in small and medium-sized enterprises.


We will produce data on the gender balance and overall diversity of our workforce, and we commit to publishing the information every year, both internally and externally.

Changing from within

We encourage our employees to ‘call out’ where Jigsaw24 and its managers need to improve, and we actively encourage employees to take initiative in driving change.

Review and improve

We systematically review all aspects of our business to ensure we promote and welcome diversity, and that employees progress according to their talent and ability.

“The company makes returning from maternity leave really easy and flexible. They couldn’t do enough for me to get the work-life balance right and help me adapt my role.”

Victoria Baxter, Head of PR and Communications

The gender equality report

Our gender equality report is now published and available for download. The data shines a bright light on the key issue within Jigsaw24: there is a shortage of women in senior level roles.

As a business, we believe we treat men and women undertaking the same job equally in terms of salary and bonuses – but we are not doing enough to employ and promote women to more senior roles.

Eradicating the gender pay gap will take time and requires a shift not only in our approach, but across the tech industry and society as a whole. We want to help lead this change.

Get your copy of the gender pay gap report

If you want to know more about our equality and diversity efforts, get in touch by filling out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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