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We’re one of the UK’s leading B2B technology solutions providers, having delivered amazing levels of service for nearly 30 years. Find out how we use technology to help our customers solve real-world problems while delivering projects in a sustainable, responsible way. Read more

Committed to a brighter future

What we do affects the world around us, so we focus on using less, recycling more, adopting efficient technology and leading by example.

Committed to a brighter future

What we do affects the world around us, so we focus on using less, recycling more, adopting efficient technology and leading by example.

“Being a successful business isn’t just about commercial results. We’re passionate about doing things ethically, both for our customers and ourselves.”

Roland Boyer-Blanchard, Head of Procurement and Logistics

Delivering projects sustainably

We care about the environment and our society just as much as you do. That’s why we’re committed to using technology to help our customers solve real-world problems and reduce their impact on the planet.

Whether it’s selling Apple products that consume less energy, deploying iPad into schools and colleges to cut their paper waste, or distributing software via the cloud to avoid needless packaging, our solutions can help you increase efficiency and enjoy a clearer conscience. 

Improving our processes

There’s no point us helping our customers be more sustainable without doing more ourselves. We practise what we preach, regularly reviewing our internal systems to find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and ensuring we meet international standards (as reflected in our ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 commitments).

For starters, we strive to use fewer non-recyclable products and to always recycle or re-use everything we can. We support the Cycle to Work scheme and we work with local suppliers wherever possible to support our communities, and – as you might expect – we’re always keen to embrace environmentally friendly new technologies, like installing water restrictors at our Nottingham HQ to reduce our litres-per-minute water flow by 60%. We do all this because we care. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Taking action

Paper and print

We use 100% recycled paper and cut our recycled print cartridge consumption by 40%.

ISO 50001

We’re committed to reducing our energy use, costs and carbon footprint.

ISO 14001

We’ve been certified to this environmental management standard since 2005.


Since 2005, we’ve enthusiastically supported the Waste Electrical and Electronic recycling directive.

Company cars

75% of our fleet is now hybrid, and we’ve saved 25,000 miles per year through using AV software.

Sustainably sourced

We use local suppliers where possible, minimising unnecessary travel and carbon emissions.

Energy performance

Our HQ building is in the top 30% of properties in the EPC register, and we only use efficient LED lighting.

Clearing the air

We’ve refurbished our air conditioning systems with eco refrigerant to improve efficiency.

Powered by renewables

We’ve chosen a renewables-only energy supplier, Good Energy PLC, for the electricity at our Nottingham HQ.

Customer collaboration

We’re completing more recycling/trade-in contracts than ever before to drive down waste.

Facility consolidation

We recently unified our London offices from two buildings to one, reducing our overall environmental impact.

Digital solutions

We don’t own a resource-hungry data centre, and we favour cloud-based infrastructure and energy-saving technology.

Our passion

Our CEO, Roger Whittle, recently spoke with CRN about why we're passionate about achieving greater sustainability and how the wider IT sector can play a key role. Watch Roger's interview here or read the written version at CRN.

“We vehemently agree that the climate crisis needs to be addressed – and fast. That’s why we work together to do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment, leaving no stone unturned.”

Roger Whittle, Founder and CEO

Want to know more?

We’re always keen to talk about our environmental and social efforts. Whether you’ve got an energy-saving question or a bright idea, we’d love to hear it. Drop us an email at  or call 03332 400 888.