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Our customers are continually challenging themselves to improve their business, and it’s safe to say we find ourselves working with them as well as for them. From the creative industries to education, we provide a full range of end user solutions and services. Read more


We like to think we do things a little differently than your average IT reseller and service provider. Find out more about the company and team here, and swot up on our news, articles and events before your job interview! Read more

Our culture

Our values help us deliver great customer service every single time with passion, positivity and personality.

Our culture

Our values help us deliver great customer service every single time with passion, positivity and personality.

"Since day one, Jigsaw24 has always embodied the core values of respect and positivity. We want everyone to love working or dealing with us."

John Hughes, COO

A place for everyone

As a business, we never stand still. Neither do our staff. In fact, we encourage them to follow their own path and help us improve how we all work.

From our office decor to the flexible benefits we give our employees, we try to foster an inspiring, collaborative environment that makes everybody feel welcome. And as we continue to grow, we’re determined to hold true to our values and make sure everyone stays on board.

Our ethics

It’s simple, really. We’ll never put profit ahead of our responsibilities, and we’ll always provide the same personalised service our customers love – no matter how big we grow. 

Ever since we started trading, our culture has been based on delivering great customer services and providing solutions based on technical excellence.

That said, we’re open to change and new ideas. Reducing our impact on the environment and taking care of our staff will always be in our minds as we continue to develop and expand. It’s why we’re conservative with our economics, but liberal with our attitudes.

Big hearted

Our team mean everything to us, so we put them first. We respect each person as an individual to create an inclusive, supportive atmosphere that feels like a family.

We celebrate the successes of our colleagues, both within the company and outside it, while sharing our knowledge to help others grow as people. And when something goes wrong, we work together as a team to put it right quickly.

What we really care about


With our environmental ISO standards in place, we’re working on new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.


We want to help all our staff achieve their potential, and treat every single person as a valued member of the team.


Our offices are our home. We ensure they’re vibrant, creative and environmentally sustainable with a personal touch.