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Solutions & Services

Whether you’re looking to deploy Apple in your business, increase digital collaboration in your workplace or improve your IT infrastructure, our solutions have got you covered. They’re delivered by experts who’ve worked in your field and are passionate about helping your business meet its objectives with technology. Read more


We help businesses, creatives, educational institutions and public sector bodies to improve their performance through better sustainable technology and expert services, support and sales. Find out more about the people and organisations we’re proud to work with. Read more


We’re a bit different from your average IT reseller. Throughout our nearly 30-year history, we’ve developed a proud company culture rooted in delivering great customer service and treating people with the respect they deserve. Find out more about what makes us tick and how you could fit in with the team. Read more

About us

Who we are, what we do, and why we care so much about it…

Hi. We’re Jigsaw24.

We work with many of the UK’s biggest creative and corporate companies, as well as major education and public sector organisations, but we don’t let that overshadow our personality. Nor do we lose sight of individual customers, either. We treat everyone we work for, work with and employ uniquely. It’s what makes us unique ourselves.

On this page, you’ll discover our history, our key financials and the values that have made us a leading B2B IT reseller. You’ll also get to know our people, our culture – and whether we could be the right fit for you.

A potted history

1992 – Jigsaw24 is born.

1995 – We become a top five Apple reseller.

2007 – We double the size of our headquarters.

2014 – We open our Soho customer service centre.

2017 – We join forces with root6.

2020 – We’re the only UK firm with Apple’s top accreditations in enterprise, education and repairs.

2022 – We open our dedicated Service Centre.

“Jigsaw24 has changed a lot since I founded the company nearly three decades ago. But our focus on quality customer service is one thing that will never change.”

Roger Whittle, Founder and CEO

Our team

We employ more than 300 people, and we owe them all our success. Our founders have guided us through more than 30 years in business. They continue to develop an outstanding team that cares for our customers, shares our passion and makes us who we are.

Our culture

We put people first in a culture that’s reflected throughout our whole business. By respecting each person as an individual, we create an inclusive, supportive atmosphere that feels like a family and inspires everyone to follow their own path. All while delivering great customer service, celebrating our diversity and doing more to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our financial progress

We had an excellent financial year in 2021, building on strong performances across the previous three years. And as we continue to execute against our strategy, we maintain the flexibility to adapt to emerging opportunities.

  • £156m revenue generated.
  • 13% growth in EBITDA.
  • £13.9m net assets generated.

Your career

Ambitious? Creative? Ready to get stuck in? You’ll fit right in at Jigsaw24. We encourage everyone to develop their skills and provide our staff with flexible benefits and a positive working environment where inclusion, diversity and wellbeing are the top priorities.

Our social responsibilities

As a leader in the industry, we believe that our impact on the environment and the part we play in bringing greater inclusivity is crucial, and that’s why we try to pour so much into what we do. Read our Social and Environmental Impact Report to discover exactly what we’ve been doing as a company to begin to address important social and environmental issues.

“ Working here has been perfect. They’ve tried to make it very easy for me to fit in as a Deaf person, and recently paid for a teacher to improve my colleagues’ sign language skills. I feel totally accepted and part of the Jigsaw24 family.”

Ravi, Designer

The Jigsaw24 Way

Customer Centric

We seek to understand our customers and always consider the impact of our actions on them, including the environmental impact. We put the customer first – always.

Forward Looking

We are industry pathfinders and actively seek new technologies and solutions. We ensure we’re one step ahead in resource and logistics planning.


We never oversell or overpromise. We always do what we say we’ll do, offering real value for money.


We are technology and solutions experts with a breadth of knowledge and experience – but we’re always learning.


We have a friendly approach and treat everyone fairly, dealing with those we come into contact with as individuals. We take a real interest in our customers and their employees.


We are quick to respond, quick to quote and quick to deliver. We always look to improve and we welcome feedback.