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Manufacturers like NewTek, Telestream and Softron are making it easier than ever for you to be your own broadcaster, using live streaming to reach new audiences at any time. With a solution like TriCaster, you can record multi-cam feeds for live events, stream coverage online or record it for broadcast later. We can help you set up realtime capture solutions running on Mac or PC, and after spending 20 years delivering mission-critical IT solutions, we’re a pretty safe pair of hands when it comes to cabling, storage and live streaming. Give us a call to find out more about on-demand delivery, streaming and multi-platform IPTV.

Anthony Corcoran - Certified Tricaster Trainer & Operator

Featured case study

A multicam sports monitoring system at Babington College

While transitioning specialities from technology to sport, Babington Community College were looking for ways to embed ICT in all subjects and help students with English as an Additional Language [EAL] access the curriculum while their spoken and written English was still developing.

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