Universal Acoustics Solar System - Mercury 2 Treatment Kit (Charcoal)

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    Universal Acoustics Solar System - Mercury 2 Treatment Kit (Charcoal)

    Estimated 2-3 Days Delivery

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    • Quantity: 44
    • Colour: Charcoal

    Platform:  general general

    Availability:  Estimated 2-3 Days Delivery

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    The Universal Acoustic Mercury 2 room kit is a 44 piece room kit that will treat a medium to large sized room.

    The tiles can be glued directly to wall surfaces or ceilings or if preferred can be glued on to conveniently sized panels which may be hung or suspended as required. With this method the tiles and can be easily moved around or to a different location and if desired an air gap can be left behind the panel providing additional mid to low band absorption.

    This kit includes an installation guide and the appropriate quantity of Cosmic Fluid, a specially formulated adhesive suitable for adhering acoustic foams to most surfaces and supplied in a convenient cartridge for easy application.

    Universal Acoustic Mercury 2 tiles are made of a high quality polyester based foam to UL94 HFI specification as standard with NRC ratings and Absorption characteristics performance based on 50mm thick tiles of 20 - 120% between 100Hz - 1kHz frequencies.

    Ideal to use in Recording and Broadcast Studios, Music Rehearsal Rooms, Audio and language labs, Boardrooms, offices, Staff rooms, Gymnasiums and any open spaces that require efficient sound absorption to improve the audio integrity and intelligibility plus the performance and dynamics of the room.


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    1 Year Limited Warranty

    What's in the Box

    40x Wedge Mercury 300 (300x300x50mm) 4x Bass Trap Mercury 300 4x Tubes Colle Cosmic Fluid
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