TC Electronic LM2 Stereo Loudness Monitor Plug-in for Native Systems

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    TC Electronic LM2 Stereo Loudness Monitor Plug-in for Native Systems

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    The TC Electronic LM2 Radar loudness meter is a native plug-in for you DAW which will help you keep within the Broadcast standardised Leq(K) levels.

    The LM2 works by combining frequency weighting with an energy-integrated measure of sound (or equivalent continuous sound level, LEQ). This makes the LM6 quite clever, as most loudness meter's only measure peak levels.

    Previous level control methods are responsible for unacceptable level jumps in television, for music CDs getting increasingly distorted, and for different audio formats and program genres becoming incompatible: Pristine music tracks from the past don't co-exist with new recordings, TV commercials don't fit drama, classical music or film and broadcast doesn�t match. The most fundamental audio issue of all - control of loudness - every day makes millions of people adjust the volume control over and over again.

    Compliant with e.g. ITU-R BS.1770-2, EBU R128 and ATSC A/85, LM2 offers you a standardized and intuitively correct step forward. You can use these loudness radar meters for precise balancing and tight specification of any type of audio signal, and they cover both mono and stereo formats.


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