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Apple - Apple solutions for business and education including Apple support, repairs, news, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iPad, Mac Pro and Mac mini.
Absolute Software - Absolute Software produce solutions that take the stress out of securing and managing large numbers of Macs, PCs and mobile devices– regardless of user or location.                                                
Primary school education
Primary school education - Our primary education curriculum solutions and services, including iPad and e7, Apple, support, Aerohive and the e-learning foundation.
Secondary school education
Secondary school education - Our secondary education curriculum solutions and services, including iPad and e7, Apple, support, Aerohive and the e-learning foundation.
Further education
Further education - Our further education solutions include industry standard technology like iPad, Apple, Adobe, post-production solutions, infrastructure, workflow and training.
e7 - The e7 Project free iPad 1:1 trial for schools - Aerohive, Lightspeed, GroupLogic, training, services, infrastructure, resources and more.
Our Services and SOlutions - Training
Our Services and Solutions - Training - Jigsaw24 training on Apple hardware, Apple software and Mac integration. We offer iPad training for schools as part of Apple Professional Development
Our Services and Solutions - Strategic Consulting
Our Services and Solutions - Strategic Consulting - Jigsaw24 consultants can provide consultation on Apple Mac and iOS device implementation and infrastructure and integration between Mac, iPad with Windows
Our Services and Solutions - iPad Services
Our Services and Solutions - iPad Services - All our iPad and Apple services, including BYOD, BYOT iPads, Apple MDM, implementing and managing iPads, and iPad integration.
iPad - Shop for Apple iPad, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, iPad 2, AppleCare, iPad accessories and iPad deals for business and education.
Apple for Business
Apple for Business - Business solutions including Apple, services, support, iPad, Mac deployment, integration, BYOT, shared ownership, AD/OD, MDM, MAM and MFM.
Apple Case Studies
Apple Case Studies - All our Apple case studies, including large scale Mac installation and support, iPad deployments and integration.
The Guardian Case Study
The Guardian Case Study - 1200 iPads were rolled out at Guardian News & Media without increasing support. See how we helped them set up shared ownership, a purchasing portal and more.
Apple for education
Apple for education - Apple for education, including iPad, Mac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, our free e7 1:1 iPad trial, accessories and Professional Development training.
BYOT - How we can help you get to grips with BYOT and BYOD schemes in the workplace and what these mean for your employees.
Apple for Business Customer Stories
Apple for business customer stories - Just some of the ways we have help businesses roll out Mac and iPad solutions.
Apple for Business iPad Services
Apple for Business - iPad Services - Our iPad services including consultancy, A/D integration, BYOD, employee choice and shared ownership schemes, app development and device management.
Apple for Business – Which iPad
Apple for Business – Which iPad? - Our guide to the different iPad models and which is right for your business. From different storage sizes to WiFI and cellular.
Apple for Business – Why iPad? - Why should your business go for iPad? We look at four key benefits of the tablet: productivity, motivation, cost and security.
Weston College Case Study
Weston College Case Study - To encourage independent learning, Weston College needed to record and edit video, and create a custom iPad app.
Custom app development
Custom app development - Find out how Jigsaw24 can help you develop your own in-house app that's tailored to your business processes, improving employee efficiency, worker mobility, realtime reporting and more.

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