Rycote 18cm Super Softie Windshield (19/22) 033203 Suitable for NTG3

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    Rycote 18cm Super Softie Windshield (19/22) 033203 Suitable for NTG3

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    Jigsaw Code: G441AAK
    Manufacturer Code: 33203

    • Compatibility: Shotgun mic with diameter 19-22mm RODE NTG3

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    Availability:  Estimated 2-3 Days Delivery

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    The Super-Softie is a windshield for shotgun microphones which uses Rycote's unique 3D-Tex material. It offers much better wind noise rejection than inferior foam products, excellent acoustic transparency and has none of the issues associated with fur type products.

    It has no rigid internal structure, so causes virtually no polar pattern distortion and is extremely robust in challenging environments such as news-gathering.

    If it becomes rain-soaked it can be squeezed out and shaken dry very quickly; if it becomes coated with dust it can be rinsed quickly without affecting its performance.

    The shape & structure of the Super Softie allow it to reduce wind noise at extreme LF and infrasonic frequencies - where the greatest wind energy lies - more efficiently than previous designs.

    This model is suitable for shotgun microphones with an external diameter of 19-22mm and an internal bore of 18cm.

    It is suited to the following popular shotgun mics:

    RODE NTG-3 Sennheiser ME 66 K6 Sennheiser MKH 416 Sennheiser MKH 418 Sanken CS 3


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    General Specifications

    Shotgun mic with diameter 19-22mm RODE NTG3


    1 Year Limited Warranty

    What's in the Box

    18cm Super Softie
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