RTW TM7 Touch Monitor - 8ch AES/EBU + 8ch Analogue

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    RTW TM7 Touch Monitor - 8ch AES/EBU + 8ch Analogue

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    TouchMonitor TM7 & TM9 is the ultimate, stand-alone audio metering solution, featuring a touch screen with highly flexible layout options, an extremely consistent loudness readout and compatibility with e.g. American, European and Japanese broadcasting standards.

    TouchMonitor TM7 & TM9 is a full-featured stereo and multichannel* loudness and true-peak level meter, which is perfect not only for broadcast ingest and transmission, but also for post, film and live production. When you need to comply with a given international broadcasting standard, the numbers representing loudness are paramount, and these all-important digits are displayed instantly on the large color touch screen.

    The standard software included with the unit includes 2 ch. PPM, TruePeak meter, spot correlator, global keyboard and gain reduction.

    Option software licences allow the user to expand the capabilities of the TM7 to encompass more standards such as Loudness and SPL, realtime analyzer, Loudness Radar, Timecode Reader, RTW Premium PPM and Surround Sound Analyzer, as well as and option for multichannel support.


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    Meter Type



    Surround Compatible

    Measurement Standards

    Loudness-Meters: EBU-R128, ITU-BS.1771, ATSC A/85, ITU-BS.1772


    D-Sub, 8 channels
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