Re:vision Effects Effections Bundle for After Effects

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    Re:vision Effects Effections Bundle for After Effects

    24-48 Hour Activation

    Jigsaw Code: P442AZA
    Manufacturer Code: EFXN9WIN

    • Number of User Licences: 1
    • Distribution Type: Electronic download
    • Host Applications: Adobe After Effects

    Platform:  windows windows

    Availability:  24-48 Hour Activation

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    RE:Vision Effects Effections for After effects is a special bundle containing all the essential FX for RE:Vision including De:noise, FieldKits, Re:fill, ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro, Re:map, Shade/Shape, Smooth Kit, Twixtor Pro and Video Gogh.

    ReelSmart Motion Blur creats more natural looking blurs by automatically tracking every pixel, users can easily control the level of Blur that is added to each frame. ReelSmart can even be used to remove blur by reversing it's effect. For more interesting or intricate blurs, once scene can by blurred using the motion from another scene.

    De:noise works to remove any noise, unwanted film grain, dropputs, and finger prints or dust from scanning. Pre processing contrast controls prep frames to make noise elimination easier. Whiles post production processing helps to counter contrast changes and post processing sharpening helps to counteract any undesired softening of images.

    FieldsKit is a de-interlacer that builds frames using field reconstruction and adaptive motion techniques for a superior result. This process can be reversed and the reinterlacer can be used to create interlaced material from any progressive material.

    Re:fill can be used to replace missing pixels, which could be damages or omitted for any number of reasons. Re:fil can replace pixels by calculating an estimation of the pixels intending value form those surrounding it or, alternatively pixels can be cloned form another area. The tool is particularly useful when used to fill in holes, remove tracking markers, or unwanted defects.

    Re: Map is a mapping and distortion tool. Remap UV takes a UV map and renders an image based on that UV map. Re:Map distort automatically distorts an image based on the fears of said image for a caricature effect. Re:Map displace wraps an image over a user supplied displacement map, and Planar maps or inverse maps a perspective plane defined by four points (corner pinning).

    Shade/Shape turns 2D work into 3D rendered imagery using Re:vision propriety shade from shape technology, further detail can then be added by using reflections and bump maps. 3D lighting and rendering can even define negative light intensities.

    SmoothKit is a set of fine controls to afford users the ultimate in blurring and sharpening. Blurs can be created without over blurring the edges by using pixel by pixel direction control.

    Twixtor raised the Bar in motion estimation with increased accuracy and fewer artefacts. Unique new frames are synthesized by Twixtor warping and interpolating frames, employing Re:vision propriety technology which estimates the motion of each individual pixel. This results in less tearing and stretching of objects as they cross frames.

    Video Gogh turns videos and paintings into works of art. Use the built in brush presets or add custom ones of your own. Users can vary they style of painting and factors such as the distance between brush strokes to create a variety of looks.


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    General Information

    Licence Type
    Full Copy
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    Host Applications
    Adobe After Effects
    Host Compatibility
    Adobe After Effect 7.0.1 and up including 64 bit support for CS5 and up
    Distribution Type
    Electronic download
    Additional Information
    Includes De:noise, FieldKits, Re:fill, ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro, Re:map, Shade/Shape, Smooth Kit, Twixtor Pro and Video Gogh.

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