Canon 7D update adds manual audio control and more

In case you missed our gleeful tweeting yesterday, here’s a quick rundown of Canon’s latest 7D firmware update. The release, officially firmware version, 2.0.0, fixes a handful of bugs but also adds some impressive new features (James still hasn’t shut up about manual audio control. It’s getting worrying.)

The new features

First on Canon’s list of improvements is a higher maximum burst during continuous shooting.

Format Previous max Current max
JPEG large/fine 94 (126) 110 (130)
RAW 15 (15) 23 (25)
RAW+JPEG 6 (6) 17 (17)

According to the release notes, these figures are based on Canon’s usual testing standards, ISO 100 and Standard Picture style, on a 4GB card (JPEG) and 8GB card (RAW). To get the numbers in brackets, you need to use an Ultra DMA (UDMA) 4GB card (JPEG) or 128GB card (RAW) instead of your usual one.

Other new functions include maximum ISO Auto settings, in-camera RAW processing, support for in-camera JPEG resizing, file name and time zone settings, a rating function and a vague but intriguing-sounding Quick Control function during playback.

There’s also support for a new GPS receiver, the Canon GP-E2. This attaches to your camera’s hot shoe mount and makes it easy to geotag any pictures or footage. Interestingly, it also comes with a logger function that allows you to download GPS data at regular intervals in order to map your route, even if the receiver is not attached to the camera.

For videographers, the big news is the fact that you can finally change your audio levels in-camera. The new firmware adds the ability to choose from 64 sound levels, meaning there’s a pretty broad range of options available – finally!

You can download the new firmware here, but bear in mind that once it’s installed you can’t roll it back, and if you’re planning on using it with Canon’s WFT-E5 wireless transmitter, that’ll also need to be on the latest firmware.

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