Canon’s EOS cinema range is starting to look epic

Canon have proved they’re dead serious about this cinema stuff before IBC 2012, by announcing that their 4K C500 and EF Cinema Lenses are now actually on their way in October, with an entry-level C100 version hot on its heels.

Canon EOS C100

The newly revealed EOS C100 looks like a great prospect for those who want a compact, versatile, affordable ($7,999) camera, but aren’t particularly fussed about the 4K capabilities of the EOS C500 (or its $30,000 price tag). That’s not the only angle, though – Canon are keen to position the C100 at one-man-band filmmakers, as they say its range of automatic shooting functions make it “ideal for professionals who shoot without a crew, or EOS videographers entering the Cinema EOS System for the first time.” Here are the specs:

  1. 8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor; Full HD
  2. High sensitivity, low noise
  3. 24Mbps AVCHD to SD cards
  4. Automatic shooting functions – push auto iris, one-shot auto focus
  5. Canon Log Gamma

The C100 has been scheduled in for a November release date, with the eagerly anticipated EOS C500 4K cinema camera and its complement of lenses being given a European release in October. You can bet Canon will be out in force at IBC 2012 showing off the full EOS cinema range, and we’ll be there getting the full lowdown.

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