What’s new in Nemetschek Vectorworks 2014?

After a slew of Autodesk updates we finally have some good news for all the Vectorworks users out there: Nemetschek have released Vectorworks 2014, and it comes with more new features than you can shake a spirit level at. 

Nemetschek Vectorworks 2014

Nemetschek tell us that there are over 130 improvements in the latest version of their flagship software, with 3D modelling, BIM, site design and rendering tools all getting a boost, as well as the kind of performance and interoperability improvements you’d expect from a new release.

Better 3D modelling

Improved OpenGL support means that you no longer have to navigate 3D spaces in wireframe view, but instead get to enjoy real-world 3D feedback in all-solid rendered mode. It’ll also speed up light aiming in Renderworks, Vectorworks’s built in renderer.  You’ll also see smoother walkthroughs, and find new tools that allow you to see through solid objects, twist solids, faces and NURBS surfaces to a specified angle with fewer clicks and switch easily between 3D and rotated Top/Plan views.

Better BIM

The Vectorworks BIM workflow continues to involve, adding new tools for documentation, drawing annotation and drawing co-ordination to its arsenal.You can now flatten a section of your viewport on a design layer, making it similar to a section viewport on a sheet layer and creating a snappable background for creating section drawings. You can also preserve wall connection after editing, create section viewports from the Clip Cube, and transfer space label properties.

For the rest of this year’s additions, see the full What’s New guide from Nemetschek.

Not sure which version is for you? Take a look at the Vectorworks 2014 version comparison chart.

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  1. Hello Paul,I am using AutoCAD LT 2012. My LTScale, PSLTScale, MSLTScale, & Celtscale are all set to 1. My hidden lines show up prlerpoy in model space & in paper space. However, when I plot, they show up as continuous lines. I don’t know how to fix this. I cannot find anywhere online that talks about this issue either. Please help! Thank you!Letitia

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