RME launch huge 5 year warranty on interfaces

RME certainly have confidence in the quality and performance of their audio interfaces. Now, any RME product you buy comes with an automatic five year warranty, so you can join them (and us!) in knowing you’re working with reliable hardware. 

With a reputation within the audio industry for quality interfaces like the Fireface and Babyface ranges, a five year warranty means you can now depend on their rock-solid stability for even longer. So whether you’re nipping about town with one of their portable interfaces, or using a rack mounted interface in an outside broadcast van, you’ve now got guaranteed peace of mind that your gear won’t compromise your work. All for a very lengthy five years, which no other manufacturer can match.

RME Babyface

The RME Babyface – one of the audio interfaces that qualifies for a 5 year warranty

How do I get my RME warranty?

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Five Year Warranty is only available on RME Audio products purchased from an authorised UK dealer (don’t worry, as an RMExpert Dealer, that’s us!). Once you’ve purchased your unit, simply go to RME’s Warranty Support Area and complete the form. You’ll then receive confirmation that you’ve been registered. Easy peasy.

– Find out more about RME’s full range of audio interfaces, preamps and convertors here.

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