Avid to withdraw installers for legacy software on 1st November

We’ve ranted about the importance of backing up as much as the next tech company, but we really cannot overstate how important it is that you back up your Avid software installers before 1st November 2013. Why? here’s Avid to explain:

“Due to a contractual change with our third-party Java software supplier, Avid is implementing support for an Open Source Java alternative in our products moving forward to ensure an optimal user experience at the lowest cost possible for our customers. However, this means we will no longer offer software installers for many legacy versions of our Avid video and broadcast products after November 1, 2013. Because of this, [users of legacy software] are strongly encouraged to follow general IT best practices and back up all of their Avid software installers now to ensure they have what they need in the future.

While we will continue to offer downloads of more recent Avid software releases through our Download Center, using an Open Source Java alternative, the following versions of software—and all prior releases to these—will be removed indefinitely.”

Installers for these legacy Avid products need backing up before 1st November

Installers for these legacy Avid products need backing up before 1st November

Now, obviously you’ve all been backing up regularly to multiple locations for yonks now, so this process will be second nature to you. However, those of you who can’t quite remember the specifics will be pleased to hear that registered Avid customers can expect an email from Avid later today, which should detail what you need to do to make sure you’re covered come next month.

If you don’t hear word from them, you can always get in touch with our team for advice – they’re actually running free Avid masterclasses in London’s Vinyl Factory from 2pm today if you fancy coupling your questions with a workstation demo and a free beer.

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