IBC 2013: Avid introduce modular new S6 control surface, update ISIS and Interplay

In a welcome break from their usual routine, Avid are leading with an audio control surface at this year’s IBC (they’ve also updated ISIS and Interplay, and are showcasing the still-new Media Composer 7, too, so video types should still swing by their stand). 

Avid S6 control surface

The Avid S6 control surface takes the best from the ICON and System 5 lines to create a whole new modular control surface, which we’re assured will deliver a “intuitive, immersive mixing experience”. Tightly integrated with Pro Tools 11 and able to deliver intelligent studio control with EUCON, the S6 also offers you options like touchscreen controls, increased visual feedback through waveforms and meters, and the ability to scale the interface to suit your workflow, so studios can start out with a core system and add more as they take on larger jobs.

The S6 can be scaled horizontally and vertically, with Fader, Process, Knob and Display modules available alongside a M10/M40 Touch module and an Automation module. The Touch module can be used to for EQ, multi-channel metering and viewing your track matrix (you can control up to 72 channels at once). The modules need to be connected to each other via Ethernet and power connections.

You can connect the S6 to up to eight Pro Tools or other EUCOM-enabled DAWs, anywhere on your network. The M40 is a scalable, customisable version designed for the largest setups, while the more moderate M10 is scalable but not as customisable. Avid’s pre-assembled configurations start from £14,599, but you can opt to buy individual sections and build your own if you prefer.

ISIS 5500

If you’re looking to kick start your collaborative workflow, Avid are here to offer you the ISIS 5500, a 64TB module that can be used with Windows, OS X and Linux machines. This is the ISIS 5000 range renamed and made bigger, allowing you to scale up to six engines of 384TB. The ISIS 5500 is designed to allow access to and the sharing of up to eight million files (compared to the 5000’s three million) and will sustain realtime performance under load conditions.

A 5500 engine can be added to any ISIS 5000 system using software version 4.5 or higher, and comes with a 10 Gigabit network interface card as standard. The ISIS 5500 will available from 18th September.

Interplay Solution Packs

For anyone who’s ben left a but perplexed by Interplay so far, Avid have repackaged it into two manageable Solution Packs: one for ‘starters’ and one for facilities.

The Starter Package contains a 32TB ISIS 5500, Interplay Production software, five Interplay Central bases and three seats of Media Composer, while the Facilities Package contains a 64TB ISIS 5500, Interplay Production software and a dedicated CPU, 10 Central bases, Interplay Sphere Software, four standard seats of Media Composer and one of Composer with a Symphony option. Both come with Avid Advantage ExpertPlus Support.

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