IBC 2013: GB Labs introduce new releases ahead of the show

So excited they couldn’t even wait for the expo proper to kick off, GB Labs have announced new 4K storage solutions. They’ll be on stand J15B showing off their Space 4K duo and a new Space-based storage cluster workflow and, we assume, chatting away about their new partnerships with Cantemo, Marquis and Sohonet.

GB Labs will demo their Space 4K Duo SSD at IBC 2013

GB Labs will demo their Space 4K Duo SSD at IBC 2013

Space 4K Duo

According to their official announcement, the Space 4K Duo SSD “is the complete single-unit UltraHD workflow solution which supports a variety of USB and eSATA media ingest devices. 4K Duo offers shared video editing and dual tape storage with extensive data transfer and file management tools. In a 2U rack format, it’s small enough to integrate into a DIT station, PPU or OB van.”

The key features include:

– Primary shared storage that delivers over 1000MBps to support multiple RAW and compressed 4K, 2K and HD streams via 10Gb Ethernet from its 4.8TB internal SSD storage.

– Dual 2.5TB LTO-6 drives for high speed (160MB/s) file secure data backup.

– Workflow tools for automated data back up, file sharing and fast file transfers.

– High speed USB 3.0 connections for hosting media ingest and external storage devices.

– Dual redundant power supply

Space Cluster Head

“As data becomes more and more prevalent in a world or 2K, 4K and now 8K many customers not only require incredible speed abut also redundancy, failover editing and no single point of failure,” GB Labs remind us. “With SPACE solutions we have the power to deliver incredible speed and now with V3 we have added many new workflow tools.

“GB Labs Special Projects division can provide a tailored cluster solution for you high security needs. With heartbeat failover, multi-tier connectivity and 40Gbe we can provide the next step in your storage needs. SPACE Cluster Head can use standard SPACE, SPACE SSD or ECHO 36 products. SPACE can offer 2K, 4K and 8K DPX clustering.”

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