IBC 2012: Avid launch Media Composer 6.5

Avid have kicked off IBC 2012 by announcing a major update to Media Composer, Media Composer 6.5, shipping today. (NewsCutter 10.5 and Symphony 6.5 are also out, but frankly we’re less excited by them.)

Media Composer 6.5

Shipping today, the most obvious difference between the Mountain Lion-compatible Media Composer 6.5 and Media Composer 6 is that the box product has been officially retired. Rather than getting another annoying install disk for your collection, you’ll be sent an activation card and code, which will give you access to the latest version of MC.

Anyone who bought and registered their copy of Media Composer 6, Symphony 6 or NewsCutter 10 between August 8th 2012 and September 30th 2012 can claim a free copy of the .5 upgrade here. But why would you want to? Well, here are the new features…

Avid Media Authoring

Media Composer 6.5 adds support for HBO’s favourite new mastering format, AS-02. This archiving and delivery standard is gaining pletny of traction at the top end of the industry, and is integrated into the AMA pipeline in the new version of Media Composer. It lets you package assets efficiently and discard any redundant media, so you end up with smaller, more easily transferable files. You’ll be able to encode to the DNxHD 100 family, JPEG2000, AVCI and IMX, as well as working with uncompressed footage.

There are also new export options included, and you now have the ability ro write back to your source media. Sony have got in first and Media Composer 6.5 will support writing back to HDCAM SR right out of the box (well, off the card), but we expect more plug-ins are on the way and will be announced shortly.

Advanced relinking

You can now relink clips based on almost any metadata field, making it far easier to reorder your cut, and roundtripping wtih Jigsaw24 favourite DaVinci Resolve has received a bit of a boost, too, though we’re still chasing details on exactly how. Other timesavers include autolinking of Quicktime, the ability to edit titles right on the timeline, and click and drag non-consecutive clips.

Active Format Description

AFD support means that you can choose settings for the display of your HD project and, no matter how it’s downconverted or its aspect ratio changes, it’s always presented to your audience as you intended.

Third-party hardware

Continuing the third-party love-in, Avid have announced that you can now toggle your third party controllers between Media Composer and other programs, such as After Effects, without quitting or rebooting. You can also access software only features simply by deactivating the hardware.

Interplay Sphere

Avid’s Interplay Production workspaces allow collaborators to pool resources online for faster editing and approvals. On-set and studio editors can work on the same footage simultaneously, enabling realtime collaboration without the travel costs – you can even share proxies of a completed edit for review before uploading the full version. Interplay Sphere is a cloud-based extension of this, offering you the chance to upload assets from anywhere using WiFi or 3G, then share them between Media Composer, NewsCutter and Symphony for realtime, simultaneous editing in a secure, private cloud. (There’s more in depth info on what this could mean for your OB van here.)

New audio tools

Not quite as exciting for audio bods as a new Pro Tools interface, but editors will be happy to learn that Media Composer 6.5 now supports advanced audio keyframing, including copying, pasting, cutting, moving and adjusting keyframes anywhere on the timeline. There’s support for up to 64 audio voices, RTAS plug-in support, 7.1 surround monitoring and, of course, integration wth Pro Tools.

Order your copy of Media Composer 6.5 now.

And another update: HP Z820 workstation qualified by Avid

The new versions of Media Composer, Symphony, Mojo DX and Nitris DX are all qualified for use with HP’s Z820 workstation, thanks largely to it coming with 16GB or RAM as standard and Dual 6-core Xeon processors. Take a look at the HP Z820 for Avid here.

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