Blackmagic Design ship Pocket Cinema Camera and drop Cinema Camera 2.5K price

Blackmagic Design have announced that their Pocket Cinema Camera is finally shipping, and have celebrated by posting a new software update for it on their site. We’re yet to get an ETA on models for the UK, and the limited number of models that have been sent out suggests that these are likely to end up as demo or test units, but it’s encouraging to finally have confirmation the Pocket Cinema Camera wasn’t some beautiful Vegas-induced hallucination. 

According to Grant Petty’s cheery announcement, the new features in this software update include push-button focus when using MFT lenses (you double-push to enable focus peaking and double-push OK to activate focus zoom). These features will also show up on the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera 2.5K in a future software update, along with new de-bayer processing that will improve image sharpness when you’re doing non-RAW work.

Where’s the Cinema Camera 4K? 

Well, it’s not quite ready to ship yet. Blackmagic Design apparently received their first batch of sensors this week, though. They’re expecting to spend the rest of August completing the final, sensor-dependent stages of the software and then testing the camera, so we can expect shipping to begin in three to four weeks.

Cinema Camera 2.5K gets a price drop

With the next generation almost upon us, the original Cinema Camera has, unsurprisingly, had it’s price dropped to $1995 – we’ll have that in UK money for you as soon as Blackmagic have finished doing their sums (probably next week). We’re also working to confirm if anyone who’s already ordered (or just received) their camera will be eligible for this new price, and will let you know as soon as we do. If you’ve been saving for a Cinema Camera, Grant hopes that you’ll splurge the extra cash on “some exciting lenses and rigs to really boost the creative possibilities” of your now much cheaper camera. Our mate Den Lennie of F-Stop Academy has a few suggestions if you’re stuck.

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