e7 news: Apple update the iTunes Course Manager

If you’re using iTunes U to build courses of learning materials, you’ll be happy to know that Apple have just updated the tool with a bit of extra functionality. Adding contributors, searching course materials and improved support for web links are just some of the new features on offer…

Invite course contributors

Now you can invite up to five course contributors to your course. Course Contributors can contribute to your course by adding posts, assignments, and materials. They can also manage the course enrollment and roster. To add Course Contributors to a course, click the Settings button in the Course Manager toolbar, and then click the Instructors tab.

Search course materials

Now it’s easier to search your materials to find the best content for a specific assignment. You can search through all your course materials like books, apps, videos, audio, and documents from a single query in the top left corner of the Materials tab in iTunes U Course Manager.

Enhanced support for web links

When you add iTunes or web link materials to your course, the image thumbnail, page title, description, and author information for the material will be automatically imported into your course, if it’s available. You can also edit web link information in the preview popover to ensure the most complete information is presented to your students.

Feed import

Automatically add supported audio and video materials from an RSS feed or lecture capture system to your courses. When you add and subscribe to a feed, iTunes U Course Manager will import the supported materials into your course. As new materials are added to the feed, iTunes U Course Manager will check for updates and add the new materials to your course.

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