Canon release the 70D, a 7fps DSLR with Full HD video

Canon have introduced a new DSLR that sits between the 700D and 7D and, while it’s definitely aimed squarely at photographers, you can get Full HD video using the same internal codec as the very video-friendly 5D MkIII. 

This gives you the chance to shoot in intraframe mode, which essentially records your video footage as a series of jpegs in a .mov wrapper. The advantage of this is that intraframe footage is far easier to edit, is less processor-intensive to work with and removes any need to transcode to ProRes, all while giving you extremely high image quality.

Equipped with a 20.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+ processor, the Canon 70D boasts a 19-point autofocus system, remote control and instant file transfer over WiFi, ISO 12800 for capturing low-light images, HDR, multiple exposure & creative filters, and the ability to shoot Full HD. We’re particularly interested in the new Dual Pixel Autofocus CMOS system, in which each pixel on the sensor is split into two photodiodes and the camera can either process their data together for taking pictures, or analyse them separately in order to autofocus. This should result in a far faster, far more accurate focusing, allowing DSLR filmmakers to sidestep the autofocus issues that have been plaguing them for years.

Although there’s no clean HDMI out, which has proved to be a bugbear for DSLR film-makers in the past, the internal codec is the same as low-budget shooters’ favourite the 5D MkIII, meaning this is a great choice if you’re looking to supplement stills work with short bursts of video, or frequently work on multimedia campaigns where you may be asked to supply video and stills at short notice.

The wireless content delivery over DLNA is also pretty swish – it works much like AirPlay, so you can instantly stream your video or stills to any other DLNA-equipped device like a monitor or projector for on-set playback, showcasing work to clients or boring people to death with (admittedly very high quality) holiday snaps…

To find out more about Canon’s new 70D, take a look at the official datasheet.

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