Get free accessories with Sony’s PMW-150 and PMW-200!

Sony are bringing back their awesome Unlimited Flexibility deal, giving you the chance to pick up free accessories when you buy a PMW-150 or PMW-200 between July 1st and 30th September, 2013. 

Designed to show that the PMW range is what you make of it, Unlimited Flexibility gives you up to £347 off any accessories you buy at the same time as a PMW-150, or up to £433 off any accessories you buy with a PMW-200. The offer is open to any dealer’s accessories, not just Sony’s, so there’s no limit on what you can spend your free money on.

Popular choices include splurging on matte boxes and follow focus, pairing your new camera with a rig, or getting yourself a hefty discount on your external recorder of choice.

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