Sony’s new RAW Viewer 1.1 adds waveforms, histograms and LUTs

Hot on the heels of a firmware update to their F-series cameras and 4K R5 recorder, Sony have announced an update to Raw Viewer, the app that lets you view and perform basic grades on RAW footage from the F65, F55, F5 or NEX-FS700.

Although it’s labelled as release v1.1, Sony have been quick to insist that this is a major update, and the official spec list looks pretty impressive. Highlights include:

– RAW 4K and 2K support for the NEX-FS700

– Look profile LUTs for 709 grading

– Colour wheels for ASC-CDL

– Tone Curve editor

– The ability to save colour parameters (Gamma, Monitor LUT for F65, 3D-LUT for Post Pro Tools, ASC-CDL)

– 3D LUT import

– 3D-LUT export to Blackmagic Design HDLink

– Waveform/Line Waveform/Histogram window support

– ACES workflow improvement (AcesProxy v1.0/RRT,ODT WGR5.0)

– Exporting to SR File 220Mbps 4:2:2 (SStP)

– Exporting in Letter Box (HD resolution)

– RAW Exporter (Command line tool of RAW Viewer’s export feature)

You can New features in Sony Raw Viewer 1.1 , or download the firmware update yourself here.

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