TriCaster 40 v2 has arrived!

NewTek have released a major software update for their entry-level TriCaster 40, giving users access to new features like LiveText and Animation Store Creator. The new features will allow anyone using the TriCaster 40 to create more engaging, professional titles, graphics and transitions. There are also new recording options and resolutions available, as well as better scopes and a smoother workflow. 

NewTek TriCaster 40

According to NewTek, anyone who buys the upgrade can look forward to:

– Creating more engaging content with network-style, highly designed visuals that deliver a polished, post-production look to live productions, in real time.

– Creating and customising transitions and effects, using the now included Animation Store Creator to produce full colour, full motion overlays, audio for both directions and even warped video mapped against any 3D surface for the highest-impact presentations possible.

– Adding a dedicated title station with the included LiveText application for creating unique HD titles and graphics with hundreds of pre-loaded templates, displaying real-time data and using vector-based drawing tools and extensive text options for designing custom graphics.

Enhancing the viewing experience with new video formats, recording options and session resolutions to reach more viewers on the platforms they watch. (Flexible 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 720/30p and 720/24p are all available now, and you can record in QuickTime, AVI, MPEG2 or H264 files with optional MP3 audio.)

- Maximising production efficiency and minimising disruptions with new workflows for capturing to disk and exporting to external applications for the smoothest content creation.

– Improving visual quality and consistency, correcting for variances in the video signal on every input, and tightly calibrating white, black and colour levels for every source to broadcast-acceptable standards with preview scopes.

If you’re thinking of picking up a TriCaster, you might want to take a look at our starter kits, which are available on lease hire with three years’ 0% finance. If you want to know more about your TriCaster options, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email For all the latest news, follow @Jigsaw24Video on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook

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