Sony announce new 50Mbps PMW-300 arriving in October

Sony are adding two new versions of the PMW-300 to the XDCAM lineup – one with a 14x zoom  13.4 – 439mm lens (with us in October) and one with a 16x zoom 31.5 – 503mm lens (due to hit some time this year). Both are equipped with 1/2″ Exmor Full HD 3CMOS sensors, and aimed at ENG and events crews who are after a flexible new semi-shoulder-mount model that meets the common broadcast standard of shooting 50Mbps HD420. You can also use 1/2″and 2/3″ bayonet mounts to replace the included lens with proper ENG glass, if you’re looking to make this part of a pro broadcast setup. 

Representing the next step up from the recently discontinued EX3, the PMS-300K1 and PMW-300K2 sit just above the PMW-200 in the XDCAM lineup, and are XAVC-ready, though you’ll have to wait for a 2014 firmware update to use that capability. They record SD and HD 4:2:2/4:2:0 switchable to two SxS cards, and boast HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, Genlock, Timecode, and Remote 700 support. Both cameras have four channels available for audio – two for the internal microphone and two for external inputs.

The trio of 3CMOS 12″ sensors makes the PMW-300 ideal for shooting in low light environments, and Sony claim it also offers more colour information than other 1/3 type camcorders on the market. They’ve included their 3DNR noise reduction technology on both models, which reduces noise between frames and therefore gives you a better overall signal to noise ratio, and you can check these pristine images in the on-camera 3.5″ HD-resolution screen (actual pixel count: 960×540).

Cacheing, continuous recording and other helpful features…

The PMW-300K1 and PMW-300K2 both offer a massive 15 second picture cache, which allows you to store footage on the camera’s internal memory before the record button is pressed, and avoid missing crucial shots. While you’re using the camera in UDF mode, you can also activate continuous recording in order to record multiple clips as a single clip. And if you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty, you can control the iris, gain and shutter automatically rather than manually. S&Q motion is available, as are frame recording and interval recording

Not content with, y’know, launching two cameras, Sony have also announced that there’s a compatible wireless adaptor on the way that’ll enable proxy recording, media transfers, remote WiFi viewing and metadata input on the PMW-300K1 and PMW-300K2. The CBK-WA01 WiFi Remote Control is already supported, though.

Recording formats

Both versions of the PMW-300 have a myriad of recording formats available, which Sony have summarised for us in this handy table:



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