Sony’s F5, F55, R5 and ASX memory card get firmware updates

Not to be outdone by WWDC, Sony have snuck out a fair few announcements of their own. Admittedly, they’re not quite on the level of a new Mac Pro, but these soon-to-be-available firmware updates are going to be welcome news for anyone shooting with an F5 or F55 (both of which are still available with up to 24 months’ 0% finance, by the way) or who uses an R5 recorder

Here’s the full feature list from Sony:

F55 / 5 v1.14 includes: 

– 2:1 de-anamorphic v/f (not SDI) display

– AXS card 3D naming (left, right and centre)

– APR alert – gives a warning after five days to run APR (black balance). Sony advise you to “please be sure to run it when suggested, we have put a lot of work into this it’s very powerful!”

– Various bug fixess including fan run control

Download v1.14 for the Sony F5 and F55 here

Download 3D LUTs for your F55 and F65 here, and see the F55’s Ultra Colour Gamut in action here 

R5 V1.20n includes:

– Support for interface unit for FS700 (HXR-IFR5)

– Improved memory card support and recovery function

– A number of bug fixes, so please update even if you’re using it with a freshly updated F55

Download firmware v1.20 for the AXS-R5 recorder here

AXSMemory card V1.20 includes: 

– Improved reliability and end of life indication (“Please update all your cards!” Sony remind us)

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