R5 and new firmware give Sony NEX-FS700E 4K capabilities

Sony have announced a new paid firmware update that’ll let you pair your FS7000E with an HXR-IFR5 recorder and shoot 120 fps 4K RAW super slow motion (or just regular 4K, in case you’re working on the kind of project that doesn’t involve people walking away from explosions very, very slowly). 

The firmware is free to anyone who buys their IFR5 before December 31st, or €500 otherwise. 4K aside, key features include the addition of S-Log for HD production. The full list of additions from Sony currently stands at:

– S-Log Gamma in PictureProfile for AVCHD/HD-SDI/HDMI and RAW

– 709( 800%) Gamma in PictureProfile for AVCHD/HD-SDI/HDMI and RAW

– 4K/2K RAW recording on IFR5

– 120fps 4K RAW super slow motion on R5 (up to four seconds)

– 240fps 2K RAW super slow motion on R5 (continuous/unlimited)

– Rec trigger to a compatible external recorder via HD-SDI or HDMI

The IFR5 itself is still to ship, but can be pre-ordered now for £4500 (that price includes your firmware update if you get your order in before the end of the year).

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