Get 10% off Avid ISIS storage until August

Good news, Avid users: for a limited time, Avid are offering a 10% discount on units of their ISIS 5000 shared storage system. This means you can now pick up Avid’s ISIS 5000 shared storage from £21,000 ex VAT until August 16th. (Admittedly, you can’t use this in conjunction with an education discount or discount from a Unity, LANshare or MEDIArray trade-in, but otherwise you’re free to enjoy Flex Drive and 1.8GBps collaborative throughput for less.)

Why choose ISIS? 

Specifically designed for (but not limited to) use with Avid platforms and built from the ground up with large scale media workflows in mind, Avid’s ISIS 5000 not only gives you a set of high-capacity disks to store your assets while keeping your overall footprint down, it also helps you manage your storage. It can be used to store proxies for rough cut editing, as a pre-staging area for assets you’re reusing on upcoming projects and even as a middle ground for when you’re restoring assets from an archive.

However, the real benefit is its tight integration with Media Composer via ISIS client manager. It enables bin locking and features like FlexDrive, which allows you to add workspaces and change the amount of space assigned to each on the fly, ensuring priority jobs are always given the resources they need. Besides this, the ISIS file system has been designed from the ground up to help you deliver realtime QoS to multiple workspaces and support simultaneous access to media, which anyone who’s managing a busy facility will appreciate – it’s even tested and qualified with Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro CS6, so you can keep all your machines on a single shared storage system.

Want dedicated support? 

We have ACSRs (Avid Certified Support Representatives) on staff and our own in-house team of server and storage experts, so if you’re thinking of adding an ISIS setup to your facility, get in touch for advice on infrastructure, workflow and whether or not you’ll need the awesome time-saver that is Marquis’ Project Parking (the answer is probably yes).

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