Adobe in Education: How EEA and Creative Cloud fit together

As you may have heard, Adobe have called time on boxed copies of their Creative Suite software (the package that includes staples like Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Premiere Pro) and are moving everyone to their new, subscription-based service, Creative Cloud. 

There are plenty of reasons to love Creative Cloud: the annual fee allows for easier planning, the fact that your licences are renewed year by year means you don’t need to pay for any you aren’t using, and it gives you access to all 15 of Adobe’s key apps for a single flat fee, plus a load of extra services. However, for schools, colleges are universities who are already on CLP and TLP agreements, some of the licensing options available might seem a little confusing. Here’s how Creative Cloud for education works…

If you’re already on a CLP or TLP…

You can stay on that programme, keep your existing copies of Creative Suite, and buy new copies of Creative Suite 6 if you need to. However, you won’t receive any future software updates, as these are only available through Creative Cloud, so you will be stuck on CS6 until you decide to move. If you want your students to still be using industry-standard software in three years’ time, this isn’t the best plan. However, you can upgrade to Creative Cloud for the reduced fee of £362 a year – that’s a hair over £30 a month.

If you’re in higher or further education…

Creative Cloud for teams is the group version of Adobe’s Creative Cloud scheme, and gives you access to additional features like online storage, collaborative workspaces and digital publishing tools. This is ideal for staff who want to create and share resources as a team (you buy a set number of Creative Cloud seats and then assign users to them, so if someone leaves or takes a sabbatical you can just re-assign their licence to someone else), and we’ve also heard of it working well for study groups and A-Level or degree students who are on creative courses. However, because individual users can be identified by the Creative Cloud seat you’ve assigned them, this service may not meet the data protection standards your school has for anyone under 16. If you need to keep younger students anonymous, then you’ll want to look at an EEA (Education Enterprise Agreement).

The EEA (Enterprise Education Agreement)

Recently announced by Adobe and promoted as the scheme for anyone looking for a smooth transition from Creative Suite to Creative Cloud, the EEA is a one or two year agreement that allows you to access Adobe apps as if you were part of Creative Cloud, but without the attendant data protection issues. Rather than accessing all the apps at once and getting constant updates, you buy a Design & Web Bundle that contains everything your students will need for print, digital and web work, then buy access to additional apps on an as-needed basis. Adobe will then provide all the updates and bug fixes you need every six months, so students can keep up with professional Creative Cloud users. At the end of each agreement, you’ll be able to add and remove new bundles and applications as you need, and can manage all your licences through a central online portal, so everything’s easy to keep track of.

Like other large-scale education licensing programmes, the cost of your EEA agreement is calculated based on your FTE, or Full Time Equivalent staff count. This is calculated using the following ‘simple’ formula:

No. Full time faculty (Part time faculty÷3) full time staff (part time staff÷2) your FTE count.

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