Universal Audio announce UAD v7 software

Universal Audio have released the latest version of their UAD software, version 7. With it, there are a few hot new plug-ins to splash out on – Ocean Way Studios, SPL TwinTube Processor and Sonnox Oxford Inflator – but also brand new feature updates for the Universal Audio Apollo interface.

First up, the plug-ins: there’s a new one from UA themselves, plus one each from developers SPL and Sonnox, all designed for the UAD-2 DSP Accelerator hardware or the Apollo High-Resolution Audio Interface. Universal Audio’s new Ocean Way Studios plug-in is supposed to emulate the sound of the legendary Ocean Way Studios (the Nashville recording studio that’s had everyone from Frank Sinatra to Kanye West through its doors), with elements of room, microphone and source modelling, as well as Alan Sides’ huge mic collection.

SPL’s TwinTube Processor plug-in is a recreation of the renowned tube processor, offering the “ability to make vocals and instruments pop, emphasizing select harmonics to add warmth, presence and dimension without impacting dynamic range.” Sonnox’s Oxford Inflator mastering plug-in has been around for a while, and is now available for UAD-2, intended to “increase the apparent loudness of your mix, without audibly affecting quality or reducing dynamic range”. All three of the new plug-ins are available as 14-day free trials

New Apollo updates

What’s also very interesting for Apollo interface users is UAD v7 includes a number of updates to make them even more awesome. The main headlines are that you can now chain multiple Apollos, process DAW Tracks and VST Plug-ins in realtime, a new Pro Tools mode and console usability enhancements. The full list of new features includes:

– Support for new Apollo 16 High Resolution Audio Interface

– Multi-Unit Cascading of two Apollo units or two Apollo 16 units (Note: Combining Apollo with Apollo 16 is an unsupported configuration)

– Virtual I/O feature for Realtime UAD Processing of virtual instruments and DAW tracks

– New PT Mode for easy insertion of outboard analogue hardware in Pro Tools

– Enhancements to Console mixer interface

– Improved Console session file handling

– Revised Console Recall plug-in window

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