So long Creative Suite, hello Creative Cloud…

While we were all off sunning ourselves over the bank holiday weekend, Adobe dropped a bit of a bombshell: Creative Suite 6 is going to be the last version of Creative Suite to be available as a series of boxed products, with all future versions being released through their Creative Cloud online subscription service. They’ve even announced an incredible limited offer where you can move to Creative Cloud for just £362 for your first year (more on that in the banner below). So complete is the switch that Adobe are even scrapping the trusty Creative Suite monicker – it’s now all Creative Cloud, all the time. 

Speaking at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, a string of Adobe bigwigs confirmed that Adobe will be leaving behind the world of boxed software and moving to a subscription-only model. To sweeten the deal, they’ve also announced some new functionality in the updated Creative Cloud that’ll benefit both teams and individuals. Check out Adobe’s own video overview below then read on to find out what’s new…

Behance access included – As well as letting you access every Creative app, the Digital Publishing Suite and Typekit, a Creative Cloud subscription will now give you access to “online creative collective” Behance, which allows designers of all stripes to showcase their work and scout for the best talent.

Sharing documents on the go – Creative files can now be stored on and accessed from Macs, PCs, iOS devices and Android devices, with any changes being rolled out across all devices that access the file almost instantly. (The Adobe MAX audience were treated to a demo of this across a notebook, iPad and Nexus 10, and the feedback we’re hearing is that it really is super quick, even if you make multiple rounds of changes.)

New features in Photoshop – New tools coming to the version of Photoshop you’ll see in Creative Cloud (‘Photoshop CC’ is apparently the term we’re going with) include a tool that reduces image blur brought on by camera shake (if After Effects’ Warp Stabiliser is anything to go by, this should be wicked), a redesigned Smart Sharpen utility, improved upsampling, and the ability to apply RAW edits as a filter in any layer.

InDesign CC gets 64-bit support – …and is also going to be treated to a new user interface, support for your Mac’s Retina Display, access to Creative Cloud’s sharing features and an all-new QR Code Creator so you can get people from your print work to your website in a jiffy. There’s also a new Adobe iPhone app on the way that allows your to use Adobe’s Kuler colour-picker to create colour themes and preset colour nodes that you can share across Creative Cloud applications, or export to InDesign CC.

Illustrator CC learns to Touch Type – You’ll now be able to use Touch Type to manipulate individual characters within Illustrator as if they were discrete objects. You can also turn bitmaps into brushes, and create web elements without breaking a sweat, as Illustrator has gained the Skynet-like power to generate CSS code by itself. Multitouch devices and styluses will also benefit from improved support in Illustrator’s vector drawing program, not that that will do you much good when the machines rise.

In other news, Flash Professional will be getting 64-bit support an a new GUI, Dreamweaver will be getting a new CSS Designer tool and, Premiere Pro has been promised a new GUI and some editing workflow refinements, and that CINEMA 4D live link we all wanted to see in After Effects is finally confirmed. Yay!

The new version of Creative Cloud will be available from June, with anyone already on Creative Suite 3 or above able to snag it for a discounted rate of £362 for the first year – that’s the equivalent of just over £30 a month. To find out more, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email For all the latest news and tips, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook


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