Save up to 20% on your next Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya or Softimage upgrade!

Autodesk are doing their darnedest to help us get over the post-bank-holiday blues, announcing shiny new offers on Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Softimage upgrades, plus discounts for anyone moving to an Entertainment Creation or Design Suite

From 7th May (that’s today) til 25th July 2013, you’ll get 20% off when you upgrade from the current version of 3ds Max, Maya or Softimage to an Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite, or 10% off if you upgrade without a sub. The offer’s also applicable if you feel like flexing your product design/CAD skills and moving from a standalone animation product to one of Autodesk’s Design Suites.

Anyone who thinks they can still get by using a standalone product rather than a Suite can also save – you’ll get 15% off when you upgrade your copy of 3ds Max, 3ds Max Design, Maya or Softimage to the 2014 version and buy a sub, or a still-significant 5% if you upgrade without the subscription. Remember, Autodesk have now streamlined all their subscription processes, so you now have to be six versions back or fewer in order to upgrade – anyone using an Autodesk 2007 product or earlier will need to buy a new seat outright, and sadly won’t get the discount.

As always, we have plenty or resources for you to ponder before you take the plunge, from reasons to love Autodesk Subscriptions to top tips on managing your Autodesk licences, and even the highlights of Autodesk’s 2014 M&E range in case you’re not sure the current version is for you.

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