Tiger ship Tbox, their ‘SAN in a box’ solution

After impressing us with it at NAB, Tiger have finally seen fit to ship their Tbox solution – think of it as a SAN in a box – as well as new software modules projectStore PRO and cluStore TLE. 

The Tbox

This is a canny little storage solution that lets you combine devices with 1GbE, 10GbE, 8Gb Fibre and 16Gb Fibre connectivity without any hassle. You simply plug whatever client device you want to work on into the Tbox, download the client software, and bingo – access to a vast amount of RAID storage.

This simple setup is sure to make the Tbox a hit with plenty of post and VFX facilities – as is the fact that you can mix any number of PC, Mac and Linux clients without having to pay a per seat licence fee. The Tbox is no slouch when it comes to capacity, either, allowing you to combine up to four 64TB expansion chassis for a maximum capacity of 320TB.

projectStore PRO

Also announced was a new software module to make working collaboratively via Tbox easier. Called projectStore PRO, the new module allows you to control who has access to your content either locally or via the web, and review those privileges at any stage of production. Top features include:

 – Check-in/check-out enables sharing while preventing accidental overwrites
Public/Private Workspaces lets you choose whether to collaborate with others or work privately
– Unlimited Virtual Volumes are available without formatting, resizing or pre-allocation
– User/Team Management lets you control who in the team can access projects and media
– Proxy Generation makes it easy to review any video clip or image sequence over the internet
 – Instant Search helps you locate media and projects based on their metadata
– Template Creation lets you choose whether to create new projects from scratch or using templates
– Easy Archiving so you can move completed projects to disk or tape
– Project Sharing  supports Avid bin locking, Adobe CS, Final Cut Pro/X, ProTools 10 and more

cluStore TLE

Finally, cluStore TLE software takes care of your hierarchical storage management needs. By integrating with IBM LTFS tape libraries, cluStore TLE allows you to search your file server and tape archive simultaneously, so you always have access to the project files you need. The headline features are:

– Unified Namespace  so that you can organise, archive and access your data through a single volume
– Heterogeneous Pool that combines solid-state drives, spinning disks and network shares
– Life-Cycle Management to help you move files across different storage tiers during their active life
– Organic Scalability allowing you to expand or contract the pool’s capacity while it’s in use
– Smart Tiering Policies save time by automating data tiering based on file-type, location and age
– Replication & Failover allow you to replicate data on any destination target and benefit from transparent failover
– Cache-To-Tape transfer helps you minimise LTFS tape fragmentation in multi-write environments
– Tape Library Virtualisation lets you integrate IBM LTFS tapes and IBM LTFS tape libraries into a your storage pool
– Tape-Spanning ensures continuous writing across multiple LTFS tapes

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