NAB 2013 news: Softron unveil new Smart Playout Engine and more

As of NAB 2013, NAVI is no more! In other words, Softron are replacing the NAVI playout engine used in OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node for the past ten years, with new player on the block Smart Playout Engine (SPE). They’ve also got a new version of MovieRecorder, and updated OnTheAir Manager and MovieStreamer HLS Mac broadcast solutions to show off.

Softron say they’ve really listened to their user base for these updates, and it looks like that feedback’s paid off, especially with their Smart Playout Engine. The new engine outputs any codec, including i-Frame, Long-GOP, H.264, MPEG2, in both QuickTime and MXF containers, and will also allow the overlay of animated graphics and CG over the same video output.

According to Softron’s press release: “Softron’s Smart Playout Engine will either playout on a video card or stream directly to the Internet (ideal for WebTV). It can even do both at the same time. Once this new technology is combined with Softron’s client-server applications, Softron’s users will streamline their hardware configurations and workflow – in many cases creating new users who want to bypass the “traditional” broadcasting methods.”

Then we come to Softron’s other updates. The MovieRecorder ingest app gets an upgrade, there are new features in OnTheAir Manager and also their latest release, MovieStreamer HLS – an AV Foundation ingest application that streams adaptive HTTP Live Streams to Intranets, FTP sites and Amazon S3 destinations, as well as iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone – which was originally announced at last year’s NAB. Here are details of what’s new:

MovieRecorder version 2.5

– Autostart on TC so each MovieRecorder will automatically sense incoming Time Code and begin recording immediately

– XDCAM HD422 support

– Remote client-server deck control so that any deck attached to any ingest station can be controlled from any other network-enabled Mac

OnTheAir Manager

– Trigger AppleScripts automatically with certain clips, events or playlists in order to control external applications

– A logo file using the same name as the clip file will automatically be overlaid on output, thus enabling the automatic association of thousands of logo files and clips without manual intervention

– XML schedule import opens up broad support for integration with third party scheduling and traffic systems

– copy/paste events

MovieStreamer HLS

– High-resolution QuickTime capture so that not only will the live stream go out to its intended destination, but a high-resolution archive of the live stream that can be used later for VOD or to edit will be saved on the system

Full details of all Softron’s news can be found in their NAB 2013 press release here.

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