JVC release details of GY-HM650 2.0 firmware update

The JVC GY-HM650 seems to have become the preferred camera of ENG teams everywhere, with the EBU giving it two thumbs up and the BBC bagging over 500 for their news crews. But JVC aren’t resting on their laurels, oh no. Come May, we’ll have a new firmware update that adds live streaming, secure background FTP transfer and more…

Record and stream simultaneously via UDP/TCP

You can now record footage to your GY-HM650’s memory cards and stream it live to a ‘client user station’ (i.e. your DIT’s Teradek Cube) or a PC application like VLC at the same time. MPEG-4 AVCHD and H.264 streams are supported at various resolutions and bitrates, while your audio options are AAC at 128kbps (HD) and 64kbps (SD).

Web-based camera control

Once you have the new firmware, you’ll be able to control your camera from any computer, Android or iOS device with a web connection. This online interface will have more functionality than current favourite, the RM-LP25 camera controller, allowing you to adjust the AE level, iris, gain, shutter and while balance.

Multi-format recording

As well as creating 3Mbps MOV or H.264 960×540 half HD footage at 30p, 25p and 24p, you now have the option to record LP mode AVCHD (1440×1080 9Mbps) or EP mode AVCHD (1440×1080 5Mbps) and to record HD and AVCHD versions of your footage simultaneously to different SDHC or SDXC cards.

In-camera clip trimming

Using you web or on-camera interface, you can now set I/O points on clips as you record. If you use the on-camera interface, you can now trim clips you’ve recorded before transferring them, so you only need to transfer usable takes back to the studio.

Secure background FTP transfer

Speaking of transfers, you can now send files back to base in the background while you’re recording your next setup. Simply trigger the transfer, then switch back to monitor display on your on-board interface and you’ll be able to shoot away while an unobtrusive progress bar shows you how your transfer’s doing.

And for the BBC…

The BBC have apparently requested some additional features, which JVC are kindly rolling out to all of us in this update. They include 1.5x expansion on both LCD and VF; Knee Point setting in 2.5% increments from 85% to 100%; 103% white peak; an up-front record trigger and viewfinder indication when you’re outside the approved range (up to F8).

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