NAB 2013 news: axle’s Gear wins Digital Video Magazine’s Black Diamond award

Hell yes! Our favourite on-set management geniuses (genii?), axle, have bagged themselves a Black Diamond award at NAB 2013. 

Handed out to Digital Video Magazine’s selection of the best products from the show, the Black Diamond went to axle’s Gear solution, which combines axle media management, Telestream’s transcoding abilities and a quad-core Mac mini into a 1U unit that delivers plug-and-play media management capabilities.

As axle’s team explain:

One of axle Gear’s Mac mini systems is the primary server for axle’s version 1.06 media management software included in the system, while the other runs a tuned version of Telestream’s Episode Pro version 6.31 transcode software, also included. The Telestream software is automatically launched and monitored to perform two key tasks in the system:

1) generating the H.264 streaming proxy files that are used in the axle user interface, and
2) outputting a user-selectable range of HD and SD video formats for mastering, broadcast and Web applications.

axle Gear’s two Mac mini systems are mounted side-by-side in a single 1U (1.75” high, 11” deep) rackmount enclosure, allowing efficient packaging in conjunction with high-density storage systems. axle Gear is compatible with nearly any networked storage, including SAN, NAS and LTO tape technologies. The system can support multiple tiers of storage; for instance, a SAN for shared HD video editing, a NAS for use as a parking area for media that are not currently being edited, and an LTO tape library for longer-term archiving.

The system I/O includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two Thunderbolt connections, two FireWire 800 connections, and eight USB 3.0 interfaces. Working storage is provided by dual Fusion drive subsystems, each 1 terabyte in size. Multiple options are available from axle’s resellers to expand both the system’s I/O and its working storage. axle Gear comes with a one-year warranty on all hardware, and a one-year software maintenance contract on all software.

Massive congratulations to all involved on the award!

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