NAB 2013 news: NewTek update TriCaster 8000 and 3Play

This year, NewTek are all about helping broadcast customers in unusual space. Sure, they’re there to support everyone who’s ploughing through live events with a TriCaster strapped to their back or wrangling clips of last minute goals in 3Play, but they’re also looking to help out creative departments in less usual companies, and people who are creating internet-only broadcasts. Their list of updates to the TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 40 and 3Play should be enough to give users in every sector at least one thing to cheer about, though.

TriCaster 8000

The TriCaster 8000’s update includes support fro SDI routers, a brand new built-in rendering engine (more on this when we get it), the ability to scale 1080p HD down to 16,000 pixels – a 99% downscale, which means you should never need to complain about file sizes again – and the ability to use your frame buffers as animation buffers, rather than your designated DDRs. Be canny about how you use your frame buffers, and this could be the equivalent of having up to 10 more DDRs on your TriCaster unit.

However, the most intriguing news is the update to NewTek Virtual Set Editor, VSE 2.5. This free upgrade moves you from virtual sets to ‘virtual environments’, complete with time saving set modelling tools. You can take a panoramic photo with your iPhone, load it into VSE and convert it into a true 3D environment where you can pan, tilt, zoom and even put people behind objects within the picture.

TriCaster 40 

Coming in May, the TriCaster 40’s update treats its users to independent aux out, new recording formats (list once we have it!), vector and waveform displays and – this is definitely the best part – the ability to create animated stories. That’s all the detail we currently have on it, but doesn’t it sound kind of brilliant?

TriCaster mirroring, TriCaster offers

Another core concept for NewTek at NAB 2013 has been TriCaster mirroring. NewTek are making all TriCaster models available without their control surfaces, and you can now record to two units simultaneously: one with a control surface, on which you do all your mixing, and have another there mirroring the same content in order to provide additional inputs and fault tolerance.

To sweeten the deal, NewTek have announced that you’ll be able to pick up a TriCaster 455 with no control surface for just $9995, making it the perfect place to start mirroring. You can also trade up from a 455 to 4800 for $21,995 or from a 330 to a 4800 for $24,995.

3Play 4800

Sports broadcasters will be pleased to hear about the all-new 3Play 3800, available now from $39,995. Described by NewTek as the most powerful sports production tool available, 3Play 3800 is a multi-camera replay server which “offers more real-time capabilities than any other multi-camera replay server, gives sports producers unprecedented access to redundant capture, sophisticated visual effects, live replay switching, high quality slow motion, and social media publishing—all within a single, turnkey system” according to NewTek’s press release.

NewTek go on to say:

3Play 4800 goes significantly beyond traditional live replay and provides out of the box integration with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. This solution allows operators to instantly deliver media into their existing dialog with fans, which no other system allows.

“The overall performance, feature set and cost of 3Play 4800 quickly proved to be a game changer for me. It easily fits within our production infrastructure and the intuitive replay workflow keeps things going smoothly and quickly,” said John Powell with NPi Audio Visual Solutions, who has been involved in the development and testing of the system. “We work with both local and national organizations, so we have to constantly provide top-line performance at every level, and we are always striving to enhance the fan experience. 3Play 4800 does all of that and more. It truly makes my job easier.”

Top features of the system include:

1.    Redundant Capture—Redundant capture of up to 4 live video sources doubles up ISO recordings and protects all media assets. Users can also choose to simultaneously record all 8 inputs as separate camera feeds to add more angles as needed.

2.    High-end Visuals—Live animated, 3D-warped visual transition effects for switching and in-program editing, with custom animation creator and import of your own branded graphic elements.

3.    Live Replay Switching—Monitor all angles during replay, and transition between them video-switcher style—providing a completely finished replay segment within moments, animated transitions and all, to output to switcher, feed the video board, or upload to the Web.

4.    High Quality Slow Motion—Get clear, crisp slow motion playback with both standard HD or SD cameras, achieved with a super-resolution algorithm for sharper slow motion and dramatic stills alike.

5.    Social Media Publishing—Easily distribute content to multiple social media sites in one pass—even during live production, for a unified, immediate brand presence.

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