NAB 2013 news: RED release new Motion Mount and Lens Motor, acquire Element Technica

This morning’s fresh NAB 2013 news comes courtesy of the RED user forums – RED have released a new Motion Mount and, not content with this instantly inspiring awe in the hearts of every internet-enabled RED user, they’ve also announced that they’ll buy acquiring long term partners Element Technica,  who’ll henceforth be know as RED ELEMENT. 

Motion Mount

The Motion Mount boasts an integrated 8x Electronic ND filter in adjustable 1/100 stop granularity, and overtakes your sensor’s timing to give you a true global shutter – despite still allowing you to control everything from your existing camera UI. RED are saying this will eliminate ‘shutter judder’ and aliasing. As always with RED gear, it’s also incredibly good looking.

Priced at $4500 (UK digits to follow), the RED Motion Mount will be shipping in the autumn.

Element Technica

Aside from their getting a cooler name (does RED ELEMENT sound like the best B-movie ever to anyone else?), not much looks set to change for the talented folks at Element Technica. RED’s Jarred Land had this to say on the forums: “This news probably isn’t much of a surprise to some of you…. ET and RED have been working closely together since the very beginning. We are incredibly excited to have Hector and Pizzo and the rest of the Element Technica team come over and continue doing what they do best.” Sounds good to us!

Lens Motor

The $1250 Red Lens Motor, due with us this summer, is one of the first fruits of the RED/Element Technica/RED ELEMENT partnership. Compatible with your Meisner Module and most other lens controls systems, it’s big selling points include high torque, a 270 degree rotating connector for easier config and mounting, amd  friction or geared interchangable gearheads.  It should fit on to a standard 19mm rail, or a 15mm one with an insert.

RED Dragon Sensor

RED have also confirmed that they’ve received new ASICs and are ready to begin upgrading your Epic and Scarlet cameras to their new Dragon sensor. They’re actually upgrading EPIC-X and EPIC-M cameras today in their NAB booth, and you can go along and see the process in action.

EPIC-M owners can pre-order the upgrade for $9500, and early adopters can get it for $8500 (you’ll get $1000 when you’re invoiced). If you want a Dragon-based camera of your very own, you can pre-order an EPIC-M Dragon today but it won’t ship til the current users have had their chance to upgrade. Late EPIC adopters can pre-order from Thursday for $9500, and you can all add a Rocket-X to your order fro $4495.

Why should you care about the EPIC-M Dragon? Well, it shoots 6144 x 3160 6K at up to 100fps, and has three additional stops over your standard EPIC-M or EPIC-X.

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