NAB 2013 news: Avid announce Pro Tools 11

Not to leave out you audio folk, Avid have also released a major upgrade for Pro Tools. With Pro Tools 11, the software’s “essentially rewritten from the ground up” according to our team in Vegas, and Avid tell us that alpha and beta testing has been wildly successful.

Pro Tools 11 features a new floating point audio engine, is fully 64-bit and includes a dedicated input buffer. However, the feature we’re really excited about is the improved offline bounce, which is now up to 150 times faster than realtime (if you need to take a moment, feel free). Oh, and there’s zero latency feedback for all your plug-ins.

You can also now use Pro Tools to monitor and edit video, so there’s no need to flatten video projects anymore. You just import your Media Composer projects directly into Pro Tools and carry on working there.

If this all sounds a bit much for you, don’t worry. Even if you upgrade, Avid now offer bi-directional support all the way back to Pro Tools 5.1, so you can crack open your legacy projects and/or retreat to your preferred version as appropriate.

Our audio team are frantically typing away at a more detailed report on how these changes will effect your hardware setup and how to prepare for your upgrade, so keep checking back! In the meantime, ponder than fact that all this will be available as soon as May, when an upgrade is set to cost $299, with a full licence of Pro Tools 11 costing $699.

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