NAB 2013 news: Genelec add Intelligent Signal Sensing to speakers

No massive hardware updates from Genelec at NAB 2013, but they have announced that a new eco-friendly power saving mode will now be rolled out across the whole of their 8000 series speakers – their Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) system.

The new Genelec speaker models are exactly the same as the old ones, performance wise, it’s just that they now incorporate a standby mode which is engaged when no audio has been passed through the speaker for an hour, causing them to go into a low power mode (1/2 a watt) to ensure we all stay green, and in pocket too!

“The typical idle state power consumption of an active loudspeaker, or any other audio amplifier system, is between 10 and 20 watts,” said Lars-Olof Janflod, Marketing and Public Relations Director at Genelec. “If left in standby, this level of consumption is maintained by the amplifier system and released as heat. Over time this can total a significant amount which results in both negative fiscal and environmental costs.”

Genelec aren’t actually unveiling the Intelligent Signal Sensing feature until the ISE show later this month, but if you’re in Vegas, you could probably go and bug them about it at NAB 2013, stand C1633.

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