Next version of Adobe After Effects to include CINEMA 4D Lite and live link

Of the recent rush of Creative Suite sneak peeks that have been cropping up on MacWorld, our favourite is probably the awesome news that the next version of After Effects and Maxon CINEMA 4D will be getting a live link, so you’ll no longer have to re-render and re-export a project to After Effects every time you make a change in CINEMA 4D.

As MacWorld explain:

“The new version of After Effects appears to let C4D scenes to sit ‘live’ within AE comps, allowing you edit them in AE by double-clicking on them. The new CineWare plug-in for AE gives you control over how the scene is brought into After Effects – including which camera, layers and renderer are used. It also allows control over multi-pass output and lets you extract scene data into AE’s own 3D system.

You can also take 3D information from AE CS7 into Cinema 4D. Niels [Stevens, Adobe’s business development manager for video] demoed running a 3D Camera Tracker – which was added in After Effects CS6 – on the video in the screenshots below, then taking data from some of the track points, right-clicking to Select Ground Plain & Origin, then using a Maxon Cinema 4D Exporter menu option to bring to plane into Cinema 4D. He then aligned a ‘large American bumper’ to the plane and showed how it would appear when brought into After Effects.”

Future editions of After Effects will come with a thin version of CINEMA 4D called CINEMA 4D Lite, although the CineWare plug-in which powers the link should work with any version of CINEMA 4D. Thanks to Maxon’s newly updated site, we also know that the CineWare plug-in will be powering a simple drag and drop workflow, supporting formats including Alembic, COLLADA, OBJ and FBX.

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