Pomfort release v3.0 of Silverstack on-set data management tools (and a free trial)

Anyone looking for a more efficient way to manage their data on set will be pleased to hear than Pomfort are offering a free trial of their recently updated data management system, Silverstack. 

Silverstack 3.0 allows you to create uniform workflows for verifying, copying and managing every type of media you’ll encounter, from still images to RAW footage. Its simple drag and drop ingest and user friendly interface (it has a clip library, metadata table and playback mode, which between them contain everything you could ever need to know about your clip) mean it’s great for DITs who need to find, move and manage media quickly.

The thing that we love most about Silverstack, though, is the fact that it does all of this at once. You can read, verify and write files in a single operation, then copy them to multiple drives simultaneously. All of this means that your footage is checked, secured and copied to as many locations as you need far faster, minimising the time before you can start reviewing shots and prepping them for post.

The headline new feature in version 3.0 is that all your copies are now checksum verified, but it’s also added powerful reporting features that allow you to produce PDF shooting reports complete with thumbnails, metadata and stats.

Download your 14 day Silverstack trial here.

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