Video review: The compact new Cintiq 13HD with Pro Pen

If you’ve long lusted after Wacom’s 24HD or 22HD but were worried that you didn’t have enough space or a sturdy enough desk to support them, today’s your lucky day: Wacom have just announced the compact but extremely swish Cintiq 13HD. Take a look at our video review below and read on for full details of this new release!

With a 13.3″ 1920 x 1080 HD screen, a 700:1 contrast ratio, brightness of 250 cd/m sq and the ability to show 1.67 million colours, the Cintiq 13HD significantly ups the game from the previous most portable Wacom, the 12WX. It’s also a full kilogram lighter, meaning it’s roughly the size and weight of a MacBook Air despite managing to add a USB port for any peripherals you might need. The converter box and awkward cabling setup have been given the elbow, though – you can now connect to your computer and charge via Wacom’s single three-in-one cable, which covers HDMI and USB connectivity.

Controlling your Cintiq 13HD

Like the larger Cintiqs and Intuos5, the Cintiq 13HD comes with customisable ExpressKeys (for tips on setting them up, take a look at our video guide) a Rocker Ring and a Home button. There’s also a new Pro Pen for all your tablet-tapping needs, which will work with the Intuos4, Intuos5, Cintiq 13HD, Cintiq 21, Cintiq 22 and Cintiq 24HD/24HD touch, as long as you update to the latest drivers. It recognises 2048 levels of pressure, so you can produce highly accurate work.

Word from Wacom is that test users are finding the Pro Pen more ergonomically friendly and generally better looking than its predecessor, and that it’s fared well in usability tests. Mostly we want it because it comes in a nifty holding case that makes your spare nibs and colour rings look they could potentially be something out of a 90s Bond film, and we’re all for that.

Designing from the hip

Also new to the Cintiq 13HD is its ergonomic stand, which allows you to rest your Wacom at 22, 35 or 50 degrees from the table (you can use it without the stand, too, if you’re one of those laid back, I’ll-keep-it-in-my-lap-and-worry-about-radiation-later types).

Pricing and availability

You can order yours from for £619 ex VAT, or bag yourself a newly reduced Wacom 12WX for just £559 ex VAT.

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