Ableton announce Ableton Live 9 and all-new Push controller

Ableton have just launched Ableton Live 9 and, along with it, their very first controller. Called Push, the controller lets you use pressure and velocity controls to mix, step sequence and navigate loops. The (slightly spooky) demo video makes it look pretty intuitive and pleasingly like something out of Star Trek, both of which win it points with the Jigsaw24 team.


The controller is powered by Ableton Live 9, a recording solution that combines the usual timeline-based view that you find in the likes of Logic and Pro Tools software with a more intuitive, improv-friendly ‘Session View’, which is designed to let you create tracks from scratch without getting caught up in the software (it also helpfully provides you with thousands of loops, synths and instrument packs). If you’re a busy person, you can see a detailed comparison of the different versions of Ableton Live 9 here, or read on for a bit about the new additions.

New to Ableton Live 9 is the ability to record parameter changes and edit automation curves directly in Session View, giving you extra flexibility. You can also move projects between Session View and Arrangement View with a single click, or drag and copy individual instruments from one to the other to switch between improvising and arranging.

Ableton have also included a new browser that makes it easier to find your sounds and share them with any drive – you can store them across multiple drives now too, which is nice to know if your hardware is less than reliable and you don’t want to lose any of your library should a drive go down.

In addition to practical stuff like browsers and simple view switching, Ableton have added new MIDI controls that let you extract music from your samples and build on them. You can take the original musical stems using Harmony-to-MIDI or Drums-to-MIDI, then remix them. Or, if you’re more of a toe-tapping, tune-whistling sort of guy, use Melody-to-MIDI and Drums-to-MIDI to record voices, instruments or sounds and covert them into easily mixable MIDI clips.

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