Video: Autodesk fix it in post with Smoke 2013

Autodesk know what we like: motorbike chases, things that go boom, and the quiet satisfaction of imagining the characters in whatever we’re editing are real and that we’re actually minor gods. And cleverly, they’ve managed to pack all of these things into their latest promo video for Smoke 2013, the Jeremy Hunt short ‘Fix it in Post’.

Created using Smoke 2013 (plus, y’know, some actors and cameras and other, unimportant stuff), Hunt’s short shows off the effects capabilities of Autodesk’s latest as an editor unwittingly ruins the day of a nice, ordinary guy just trying to go about his business.

For a slightly less flashy demo of Autodesk Smoke 2013, you can watch the demo we did with Autodesk (and get your FAQs answered) here.

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