Mac-based Pro Tools HDX users can finally hook up to ExpressBox 3T and ExpressBox 7

Magma ExpressBox 3T and ExpressBox 7 expansion chassis have been officially qualified for use with Avid’s Pro Tools HDX on Mac systems. If you’re using Pro Tools HD v10.3.3 or higher, you’re free to plug in and set about adding extra PCIe cards to your Thunderbolt-equipped computer.

How cool is your Magma ExpressBox 3T?

The Magma ExpressBox 3T has been qualified with up to three HDX cards with various Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pros, though some ExpressBox 3T models may need a fan upgrade to meet Avid and Apple’s won’t-melt-your-HDX-card specifications. Avid have instructions on how to check whether your ExpressBox 3T needs the upgrade on their site, and Magma have confirmed that any models shipping after January 21st will have the correct fan.

If you’re not Thunderbolt-equipped…

…the ExpressBox 7 chassis can accommodate up to three HDX cards, and is supported by several Mac Pro models. The complete list of supported CPUs and recommended system requirements can be found in the Avid Pro Tools HDX Knowledge Base – our audio team are also pretty handy with questions of this kind if you fancy giving them a call.

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