Sony showcase mysterious consumer 4K prototype at CES 2013

Sony continue to mercilessly tease us with products we can’t have, showcasing a prototype for a 4K Handycam at CES 2013. The camera, which our team have variously described as “a 4K Z1″ and “a PMW-100 with a 4K sticker on it”, certainly looks like something that would slot into Sony’s prosumer range, but details on the internals are sketchy at best. 

NoFilmSchool speculate that the 4K handycam will use the Sony IMX144CQJ Exmor R sensor and, while we know that the 4K Handycam will make use of the MPEG-4 XAVC codec, there’s been no official word on what it’ll record onto. With Tech-On saying that Sony have not committed to traditional consumer memory cards, we reckon the most likely alternative will be XQD or memory stick.

The camera comes with a 400mm integrated lens and, from the back, it looks like it uses a four-card system similar to JVC’s (we’re quietly hoping this gets streamlined before the commercial release, though given that Sony are aiming it at event videographers they’re going to have to find some way to record vast amounts of 4K at a go).

You can see it for yourself in Sony’s (equally specless) Sgnl coverage, and while we’re at it we should probably admit that we swiped these images from The Verge, and Engadget’s Eyes-On is also pretty ace.

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