Congrats to Sony’s PMW-200 and PMW-150 on meeting the EBU standard!

Sony’s PMW-200 and PMW-150, the latest additions to their XDCAM HD422 50Mbps range, have both met the Tier 2L standards the European Broadcast Union (EBU) recommend for long form production, so if you’re thinking of grabbing one to shoot your latest HD TV project, you can rest easy knowing that your footage will officially pass muster.

Sony tell us that the PMW-200 and PMW-150 were both tested by Alan Roberts in accordance to the EBU camera test guidelines. As you’d expect from descendants of the PMW-EX1R and PMW-EX3, they passed with flying colours. “With an established workflow, flexible recording media options, familiar operation and unique features like the PMW-200’s ½Exmor CMOS sensors, both camcorders enhance broadcast HD production,” Sony’s press release assures us.

Bill Drummond, Strategic Marketing Manager, Sony Professional Solutions, Sony Europe, commented: “We are delighted to see our camcorders are in line with the EBU standards for HD broadcast production. Both these camcorders were built with HD broadcast programme making in mind and I believe this is being recognised by the EBU and other key institutions through these reports.”

PMW-200 EBU Report Jan 13

PMW-150 EBU report Jan 13

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