Active Storage would like you to meet mPath

Active Storage have extended their mMedia range with mPath, an “intuitive high-speed backplane and data accelerator for the modern media SAN.”

Aimed squarely at post-production SAN users who are starting to panic about the number of platforms they’re supposed to be able to work on, how much space they’re supposed to limit each user to and how often they’re supposed to back up their work, Active describe mPath as “a pair of I/O modules you add to your mRAID systems, giving you a new, high-speed data and asset movement backplane.” The new solution also comes with its own mPath Actions software and API, which you can use to move assets between volumes in your SAN on the backplane, freeing up valuable SAN space (third party digital asset management solutions should also do the trick).

mPath I/O modules

mPath I/O Module

According to Active, “mPath unleashes the multi-core processing power and high-performance architecture of mRAID and leverages the PCI-Express expansion slots built into every mRAID system.” You simply slide the two mPath I/O units into your mRAID, and are instantly rewarded with four ports of high-speed dedicated bandwidth with which to move assets around your SAN. You then simply connect the modules to the mRAID over Fibre Channel and you’re good to go.

mPath Actions

Included with the modules is Active’s mPath Actions software, which can be used in conjunction with (or instead of) your current asset management system. It allows you to set up “automated, smart file movement actions for your SAN workflow”. You choose specific folders for the software to monitor, define which file types you want moving or copying and choose a destination, and then mPath Actions will automatically use the mPath backplane to move them to their new location without infringing on your SAN’s bandwidth. Active say that mPath will allow you to move data round the clock, rather than relying on overnight backup windows, so can back up more data, more frequently with less of an impact on  your all-important SAN.

Already got an asset management system? 

mPath should be able to work with your existing asset management system – axle and Levels Beyond are already on board – so if you don’t fancy learning to use Actions or feel that since you’ve paid for an asset management system you’re damn well going to use it, you can still take advantage of the high-speed backplane. Active have even put together an API so you can adapt mPath to work with any custom software you may be running at your facility.

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